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Hennepin History Museum's exhibitions highlight the diverse and rich history of Hennepin County, the largest county in Minnesota. From urban to suburban to rural, Hennepin County has it all!

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Hennepin County Wags its Tail:

150 Years of People and their Pets

Opens March 26, 2016

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A History of the Buzza Company

During its prime, the Minneapolis-based Buzza Company (1907-1942) was one of the nation's largest manufacturers of greeting cards, framed mottos, gift books, and party stationery. GREETINGS tells the story of the company's rise and fall, its larger-than-life founder, and the hundreds of artists, poets, printers, and others who produced, sold, and shipped many millions of items from the company's Lake Street headquarters each year.

Final Day July 03, 2016

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High Wheels:

Minneapolis' love affair with cycling began in the 1880s when the high wheel bicycle became widely available. In this decade, thousands of high wheels hit the streets, the first cycling clubs began to meet, and Minneapolis gained national prominence as a hot bed for six-day racing. While we may view the awkward looking high wheel as impossible to ride, this bicycle laid the groundwork for the even larger cycling boom of the 1890s and was a crucial stage in the development of today's bicycle. This exhibit will include a half a dozen different types of high wheels, assorted trophies, photographs, and cycling accessories, and an interactive high wheel experience.

The Cycling Museum of Minnesota

March 29 through June 26, 2016