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Hennepin History Museum's exhibitions highlight the diverse and rich history of Hennepin County, the largest county in Minnesota. From urban to suburban to rural, Hennepin County has it all!

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Hennepin County Dines Out

All the old iconic Hennepin County restaurants come to life in this nostalgic retrospective down an edible memory lane. From the Cafe di Napoli to the Forum, Charlie's to the Forum, or countless numbers of smaller but equally familiar diners, coffee houses, and cafes, this exhibition features original materials from Hennepin County's rich restaurant past.

A museum tour you can't miss... a modest but fascinating peek into dozens of beloved — and mostly gone — favorites: Schiek's, McCarthy's, La Casa Coronado, Freddie's, Ivey's, Minnehaha Grill, Russell Coffee House.

Rick Nelson Star Tribune

Final Day September 6

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Hey, Aren't You Somebody?

Portraits by Frank and Pamela Gaard

Local artist couple Frank and Pamela Gaard each bring distinctive approaches to this portraiture exhibition of contemporary Hennepin County residents. "My portraits transcend the barriers of language and culture," says Pamela, and "reflect the changing face of Minnesota."

Listen to Frank and Pam Gaard talk about this exhibit and their work on KFAI's "Art Matters".

Final Day September 13

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A Loom, Here, A Loom There:

75 Years of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota

Enjoy an intimate look at 75 years of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota as seen through photographs, artifacts, and stunning contemporary and historic weavings.

Final Day September 13

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Our Hennepin County:

Hennepin Medical History Center

Unpacked brings new meaning to the term “trunk show.” Using suitcases to tell the story of each bag's owner, the exhibition gives us a private peek into the lives and experiences of Hennepin County residents who had their lives touched by local medicine. Reflecting the diversity of experiences found in every hospital, whether contemporary or historic, the twenty selected stories feature everyone from a young Swedish nursing student, patients of all ages and backgrounds, hospital administrators, doctors, and others whose lives were impacted by their time at Hennepin County Medical Center and its predecessors. This exhibition was guest-curated by the Hennepin Medical History Center at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Final Day October 25

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Pop Up Exhibit!

Elizabeth C. Quinlan:

A small pop-up exhibition featuring a selection of items and images from the home of Elizabeth C. Quinlan.