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Hennepin History Museum's exhibitions highlight the diverse and rich history of Hennepin County, the largest county in Minnesota. From urban to suburban to rural, Hennepin County has it all!

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Hennepin County Dines Out

All the old iconic Hennepin County restaurants come to life in this nostalgic retrospective down an edible memory lane. From the Cafe di Napoli to the Forum, Charlie's to the Forum, or countless numbers of smaller but equally familiar diners, coffee houses, and cafes, this exhibition features original materials from Hennepin County's rich restaurant past.

A museum tour you can't miss... a modest but fascinating peek into dozens of beloved — and mostly gone — favorites: Schiek's, McCarthy's, La Casa Coronado, Freddie's, Ivey's, Minnehaha Grill, Russell Coffee House.

Rick Nelson Star Tribune

Final Day September 6

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Old Italy Comes to Hennepin County: A Selection of Works by Aniello Aprea

Italian-born commercial painter and muralist Aniello Aprea was responsible for many local residential and commercial murals, including the iconic interior mural at the Cafe di Napoli. This exhibition features works on loan from his family, exhibited now for the first time.

Final Day May 31

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Our Hennepin County: Robbinsdale

The Robbinsdale Historical Society has brought their collection on the road with this guest curated- exhibition featuring the fascinating history of that beloved local suburb, Robbinsdale. From the Robbinsdale-invented game Cootie to Whiz Bang Days, early settlers to the Terrace Theater, this show covers the city's wide-ranging experiences and its evolution from small town to bustling inner-ring suburb.

Final Day April 5

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Opening April 17, 2014: Our Hennepin County: HCMC